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About Us

TeQeN Holding GmbH

Beyond consulting services TeQeN Holding GmbH target to introduce pioneering global brands and technologies in telecommunication, consumer electronics, IT, and renewable energy sectors with the consumers in a timely, effective, affordable, dependable and widely manner. 

Its strategic global client base makes TeQeN one of the "game changing" companies in its sector. Combining its core values with its experiences, our company aims to expand its operations in contries in Europe besides Germany and Turkey.

Board of Directors and Consultants
Hakan TATLI, Consultant | Linkedin

Completing his B.S. degree in Marmara University Economics (English), obtained post-graduate degrees in Economics and Management fields also from Marmara University. Serhat Tatli joined Tekofaks in 2000 and carried out managerial duties with General Manager, CEO and Member of Board titles. Along with his professional career, Mr. Tatli also received his doctoral degree in “Change Management and Leadership” at the end of 2012.

Hakan Tatlı, who had his Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications at Istanbul Technical University, had his Master’s degree in the same area at Munich Technical University and completed management programs at Oxford University. He has been working at multinational companies in Germany and United Kingdom as senior management and leaded several giant budget projects since 1989.

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