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Our Strategic Partners

Personali Inc.

Personali is the global leader incentives personalization platform, combining concepts such as behavioral economics and consumer psychology with the new generation machine learning technology, which increases the sales conversion ratio by 30%, your income per visitor by 40% and the re-purchase ratio by 65%. More information..


VatBOX is world's first domestic and foreign VAT refund management solution with full automation and cloud technology. With VatBOX, not only you maximize your VAT refund, but also have the chance to have detailed visibility, control and reporting. More information..

NG Tech

ngtech is a leading IT solutions company. From cloud based data storage systems to your data security, ngtech is your one-stop-shop partner for any organizations IT needs.

More information..

ET Solutions AG

ET solutions is among the leading PV(Photovoltaic) energy power plants with an installed capacity exceeding 300MW.

More information..


Rueckert-naturgas is one of the leading biogas power plant suppliers in Europe.

More information..


Mce provides one of the leading technologies in the smartphone world with data transfer, device setup, service diagnostics and maintenance offerings.

More information..

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You may reach us via phone, email and our social media accounts..

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